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Ben is a dedicated instructor at Steps Dance Academy, Barb's School of Dance, and Desiree's Dancers in David City. He has been teaching dance for the past three years. 

Ben's journey began at Barb's at the age of three, and he spent 15 wonderful years dancing there. He had many special parts and was on their competition team. His favorite styles of dance were tap, clogging, acro, and lyrical.


Over the years, Ben has competed in numerous dance competitions, showcasing his skills and passion. He has also attended many dance conventions, such as KAR and Titans, which have helped him grow as a dancer and instructor. He has had the privilege of learning from many talented instructors, including Desiree Johnson, Babr Raemakers, Kayla Hollatz, Becky Brandenburg, Rachel Madaj, Savanna Blocker, Melinda Allen, Ellorie Focht, and Kari Hofer. One highlight for Ben was teaching at a local dance convention for the Sammy's Superheroes Foundation, where he inspired and mentored young dancers. 

Additionally, he has judged dance in auditions in Albion, NE, further expanding his experience in the dance community. Ben will be receiving an Acrobatic Arts certification and is studying the Cecchetti ballet technique with goals of taking educational tests to receive a certification in ballet.

Ben is committed to sharing his love for dance and helping his students achieve their fullest potential.

Ben Merrill

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