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Studio Rules

In class:

  • Dance wear is required for all classes.

  • No street shoes on the dance floor.

  • No chewing gum in the dance space.

  • Small children should use the restroom before class please!


In the lobby:​

  • The lobby will be open to families that need to wait for their student, specifically those that live out of town.

  • ABSOLUTELY no running, jumping, or screaming in the lobby. This distracts the dancers in the dance space. 

  • Parents of younger dancers (PreK & K) are encouraged to stay while their dancer is in class in case they are needed. 

  • Please do not leave young children (PreK & K) unattended before or after class. Studio staff is not being paid to babysit the dancers.

  • Only clean food, snacks, and drinks are allowed.

  • Clean up after yourself in lobby area & bathrooms.

  • Do not move the furniture or items in the lobby.

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