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Intern Instructor

Macy is 22 years old and has been dancing since the age of four, beginning her journey at Barb's School of Dance in Columbus. She was also a dedicated member and captain of the Columbus High School dance team. Barb's School of Dance not only nurtured her skills, but also solidified her passion for the art. 


Folling high school, she pursued higher education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she earned a bachelors degree in Dance and Business. This academic endeavor allowed her to deepen her understanding of dance, both as an art and as a professional field. She believes that dance has the power to inspire and connect people, and she's excited to share this passion with others.

Macy's favorite styles of dance include jazz, lyrical, and ballet, though she enjoys exploring a wide variety of styles to broaden her versatility and creativity. She is currently working toward certifications in both yoga and Cecchetti style ballet. These certifications will allow her to incorporate elements of strength, flexibility, and technical precision into her classes. 

Macy is very excited to be joining Steps Dance Academy and to meet everyone! She looks forward to collaborating with fellow dancers, learning from talented instructors, and bringing her perspective to their shared passion for dance!

Macy O'Connell

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