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Intern Instructor

Brielle grew up dancing at Steps Dance Academy until she graduated high school from CCHS. She is currently attending college at Central Community College in Hastings studying Media Arts-Graphic Design. She will be graduating in December of 2024 and plans to move back to Central City. She graduated high school in 2023 and knew that she didn't want that to be the end of her dance career. She has already helped Dane Christensen with show choir which only continued her passion for dance.


She is super excited to be back as part of the staff at SDA this year! She will be dipping her toes into the water of being an instructor by observing and helping with some of Miss Savanna's classes as an Intern. She is ready for the opportunity to learn from everyone this year, and she's glad to be back at the place she calls home!

Brielle Hamer

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