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Owner & Instructor

Becky started dancing in Columbus at the age of 4 at Barb's School of Dance. Her favorite style as a young girl was tap and then jazz in high school. She always knew that dancing was her passion and her dream to own her own dance studio would be end goal someday. After graduating high school, she attended the University of Nebraska - Lincoln where she received her Bachelors of Fine & Performing Arts Degree in Dance. During her college years she trained under numerous people with various background and styles in dance. While her love & passion grew, she began to grow a love of Modern Dance as well. She was lucky enough to study the Martha Graham technique, Limon, Horton, Alvin Ailey, Billy T Jones, and Pilobilus to name a few. She also trained and studied the Checchetti Ballet technique all 4 years. Also, during her college years, in 1996, she applied, was hired, and chosen as a Disney intern for Disneyworld in their college program. She graduated from the Disney University college program, but not before she did some auditions! She was cast as a character where she was employed by Disney for 3 years. She did, however, come back to graduate from UNL in 1998. She was able to go back to Disney and work on breaks and summer.

Dancing took her many places, with many opportunities. Including New York City where she also dreamt of living the hard life as a starving artist for a while. She lived there from 1999-2001. Dancing at Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway, and did many auditions. But the hard life was not for her. Back home to Nebraska she came. She was then employed by UNL for 2 years as their Modern Dance Professor. She taught at various dance studios around Lincoln and started her own small business called Creative Steps. She had worked for the University also in a program called Arts are Basic where she had the opportunity go into public schools and teach creative movement to children. With this experience she started after school programs in and around Lincoln and in daycare until she was contacted by a Central City administrator in 2004 who was searching out someone to open a dance studio for his daughter so they would not need to travel to Grand Island. The timing was right, and the stars aligned for Becky. At the same time, literally days apart, she was contacted by Miss Barb and her daughter Miss Desiree to teach back in her hometown of Columbus.

Beck has since been employed at Barb's and owned Steps Dance Academy in Central City going on 21 years. She taught solely on her won until  2017 when they started competing. she brought on one instructor and since then loves bringing in teachers to have a variety of expertise and different styles to give the children of Central City and the surrounding are a feel of big city dance life yet small town values and family. This dance education is beneficial for each child to experience in one studio.

Becky's dance education has been every growing as times have changed and new styles have emerged. She feels blessed every day for the opportunities she has been given and the life and home she has made in Central City, as well as Columbus. 

Outside of the studio, Becky is a proud stepmother to Kenzie. She loves her dogs Kota, who is four, and Ford, who is going to be 18. She likes to try and start new hobbies like crocheting, painting, plants, and even the ukulele as of recent. None have quite taken off yet but never say never! Her favorite number is 11. Her favorite place in the world is Disneyworld. Her favorite food is pizza. 

Becky's purpose: "God gives different people different talents. Wherever he has you, he has you there for a purpose."

Rebecca Brandenburg

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